Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Arlo rolled over!

Arlo finally decided to roll over! He went from back to tummy yesterday afternoon. James and I were very excited! So was Arlo. He thought it was great. He laughed and giggled. He was very proud of himself you could tell. He is a funny little guy. He just loves to hear his own name spoken to him and smiles almost all the time. And he is pretty much too cute to resist and such a little snuggle bug. We all adore him, especially big brother James. They are just in love with each other. James can always make Arlo happy when he is upset. One day a shortly after Arlo was born, James said to us "Arlo is my best friend". He has such a wonderful heart that kid.
Anywhoo...Arlo is really trying now to roll the other way. I am not helping him at all because then that would mean that we have two mobile children. Watch out world!

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