Saturday, December 26, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Peepee in the Potty!!!!!

Yeah! Tonight James made his first pee pee in the potty!!! I scared him I got so excited. We were getting ready for bath time, and were in the bathroom. He was naked, waiting to get into the tub, and he said "pee pee" and opened his little potty, sat down, and peed! It was awesome! Even more exciting is that Oma got to be here to see it too! What a great day.

Oma and I also took James to the Museum of the Rockies for the first time today. He liked it ok, and kept calling the dinosaurs "horns". He did get a little bit tentative about some of the sounds that the animated dinos made, but overall he was diggin' it.

So excited about the pee. I have never been so excited about urine.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The End of and Era

The past week has been as especially difficult one here in the O'Callaghan household. On Friday, we had to say goodbye to our old, faithful companion Tioga. His life was becoming more and more difficult everyday, and he was increasingly disoriented. Sean and I spent the whole day with him on Friday. We took him for a walk, and just held him as much as we could. The vet came to our house at 4:45 in the afternoon, and he was peacefully and quietly put to sleep in Sean's arms. Sean is devastated, but knows that it was the right thing to do for Tioga. Our house seems so much emptier without him, and Scout is very distraught. He keeps pacing he house looking for him. James keeps asking for "Ti". I think it will be quite awhile before this family feels whole again...

But, in more positive news, James finally broke his two bottom eye-teeth, which puts an end to teething!!!

Now we all just have this darn cold to get over. Hopefully the worst is behind us.