Thursday, July 23, 2009


James pointed at a magpie today and said "bird". We were reading a book with a picture of a bird last night, and I kept pointing to the bird and telling him what it was. Today, Dawn, his teacher said that when they were playing outside and he saw the bird, he got really excited and pointed and said bird.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Catching Up

Ok, so I know it has been to long since I posted anything. And for that, I say..Sorry. It has been a very busy couple of months. We have been going full tilt trying to keep up with work, the house, James, and our sanity, as well as trying to enjoy the great summer weather that is finally upon us. So, what is new you ask.... lots. I'll try to catch up with a list:
  • James broke his first molar on June 16
  • His second molar broke on Thursday (July 16-wow, didn't notice it was a month apart!)
  • As of the last week in June (I wrote them all down) he had 22 words: I am guessing there is about 30 now
  • He loves to say "touch" and then touch stuff with a sweeping motion
  • He also still loves to rub his hands together and say "wash" as in wash his hands
  • He runs everywhere now, walking is so two months ago
  • He gets up and down stairs great
  • Outside is the only place to be, and he whines, crys, and throws a tantrum when he can't go out
  • Dogs are the only animal out there, with the exception of a cat: All large animals are dogs, small are cats (even chickens are cats)
Overall, James is still very pleasant. He has a pretty even disposition, but is full of energy, and loves to have his own way. In the past few weeks, he has really become a toddler. Every day, he is a little bit less of a baby. And lately, he is all about dada.

He still loves school. He also loves cars and trucks, his shoes, animals, laying on the ground, bananas, blueberries, cheese (all food is cheese, with the exception of fruit and veggies, and bread), outside, coolers (especially ones that roll), balls, and hoses. He also loves camping (thank god). He hates mac and cheese (good boy). He loves running errands, and going out to dinner, and going to the awesome new dinosaur playground. Any playground for that matter. He loves to eat raspberries out of our garden and like to pick the strawberries out of the plant and eat them right up. He also loves little girls. He is really a first class flirt. So cute to watch.

We are having a great time with him. Yesterday, we went to the county fair to see the animals. It was a blast. They had a great petting zoo. We have been camping a few times in our new camper, which he loves. He especially loves to hide get out of his bed, and whip the curtain back and laugh hysterically at how slick he is. So funny.

It's been hot here the past few days (high 90's, low 100"s) so we took James to sushi to beat having to heat up the house cooking on Saturday night. He loved it. He just loves people watching.

Virginia came to visit on July 3 and stayed for five days. It was so great to be able to have time with her in one big chunk. We went camping for 4th of July weekend, and had a blast. James and Liam loved each other. Liam is so great, and so smart! What a ham! When they left, the next day James kept screaming and going into the spare bedroom looking for Liam. He was so upset that he was gone! It was great in a way, to know that our boys really loved each other. They had a ball playing and talking together.

I promise to do more updates from now on.