Sunday, August 5, 2012


Explosion: this is exactly what happened to Arlo last month. He all of a sudden had four new teeth, crawled, got up to sitting on his own, and pulled up to standing all in about 48 hours. It all happened between July 10 and 12th. He officially crawled on the 12th. Wow! He has been a little tough to deal with since all of this because he just wanted to hang out and party practicing his new skills. Sleep and naps have been pretty tough. But, we have been trying to sleep train (finally) over the past few nights, and it seems to be going a bit better now. Also in the past week He has started to try to clap and wave. He also shakes his head as to say "no". Turns out he is a stubborn little bugger! He has no problem letting you know when he isn't getting his way! He is also pretty attached to me and has entered the phase where he does not really want anyone else. My arm is starting to get tired.... But his personality is really beginning to shine through and that is super fun to watch happen.

But, he sure is sweet and has a smile that can light up a room! What a little snuggler and sweetie pie! He sure gets excited too, when he crawls around! He is so proud of himself that he kind of bails on his hands. He is quick to giggle and loves James to pieces. He has awesome dexterity - nearly better than James at 4! His fine motor skills are great - the large ones, not so much.

Funny, because he and James are just about as opposite as you can get, but they love each other so much. James rocks the large motor skills and totally kills it on his big bike. He is totally an O'Callaghan on the bike. He is also quite the ladies man. He gets SO distracted when there are cute girls around and flirts and gets all dorky when he sees a girl that he likes. Hilarious. He even wrecked his bike a few weeks ago while charging down a gravel trail while checking out two teenage girls in bikini's floating in the pond on our neighborhood. He just got out and shook it off and got right back on the bike and took off. With how cute he is I think Sean and I might really be in for something come the teenage years....Wish us luck.