Saturday, September 17, 2011

New School Year and a Broken Arm!

New school year pictures! James is now a big-boy and is going to two preschools! He left our wonderful little infant/toddler school, Little Tree, where he's been since he was three months old. It was pretty hard on me, but he was ready to move on. Now he spends Mondays and Fridays at Willson Preschool, right next to our house. This is where Maggie is the director and teacher (but not James teacher this year). The big change is that he is now at a regular Montessori preschool called Learning Circle. It is right next to the MSU campus, which is great to have him so close. He is loving it. His best buddy Oscar goes to school there two and they are like two little peas in a pod. James came home on Thursday SUPER dirty from the two of them playing in the sandbox together. Sand and dirt was everywhere. It was great. He goes there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It is a great schedule for him. Learning Circle is great - he is in a new challenging environment where they stress independence, individuality, and a love of learning. Perfect fit for our family.
However; the independence thing has been a little bit of a challenge since we are experiencing our first broken bone! James broke his arm (humerous - a fracture/chip right at the elbow). He is healing great and didn't even have to get a hard cast. Just a hard splint for two weeks, and an extra week in a sling. He's taking it like a champ, as is his personality. It has gotten him down a couple of times, but he is really great about the whole thing and once it is explained to him, he really understands the process of healing and what it is going to take. What more could we expect from our little rule-follower. We have started calling him out little hall monitor - he loves observing safety rules and telling others how to follow them!