Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25th! Arlo is 4 months old today!

James has decided to begin dressing himself this week.... Hilarious what he comes up with. He climbs into bed with us already dressed first thing in the morning. This began on Tuesday. This morning he is wearing plad flannel pants, a blue stripped thermal shirt with a Radiator Springs Cars tee shirt over the thermal. He likes to put tee shirts (short sleeves) over a long sleeve shirt. I love it.
Aro is also doing this cute thing where he sucks in his lower lip and makes these cute noises. He is drooling up a storm! He is also talking up a storm! He makes a whole lot of really cute noises and is very expressive in his mood. Love it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Life here in the O'Callaghan house hasn't slowed down much in the past weeks, but we are somewhat settling into a routine and have a bit more regularity these days. James is growing like a weed! All of a sudden all of his pants seem to be too short. I swear it happened over night. He continues to just say and do the funniest, smartest, and most hilarious things. The other night I found him in his bed wearing sweatpants over his jammies. He has lots of friends and is super outgoing. His best buddies continue to be Sawyer and Oscar but he also has Rio, Tyson, and Michael. Today he told me that Augusta (a girl!) is now one of his best friends. Specifically, he said to me "Hey mom, did you know that Augusta is one of my best friends now? How cool is that?". He also has proclaimed that Jen and Kelsey's daughter Jayne will be his wife and they will have three babies. He is such a happy-go-lucky kid that is so fun to be around.
Last month we had a great time at Disneyland. James just fell in love with Uncle Rory and Aunt Nicole. What a fantastic day. James was pretty timid of some of the rides that we went on, but was super brave and was up for trying just about anything. But, he really loved the Peter Pan ride and the Winnie the Pooh ride. He also loved the little roller coaster in Toon Town. He was pretty scared during parts of Splash Mountain (he had a terrified look in the picture) and had a death grip on my hand during Pirates of the Caribbean, and said that he wanted to go home during Thunder Mountain. But, he was a trooper. He had an awesome day and went strong with no meltdowns all day (till 7:00!). He fell asleep before we even got out of the parking lot. I am impressed at his memory of the day too! The other day he recounted specific events in the day with great detail.

Arlo has grown like I can't even believe. Sean and I can't even believe he is the same baby that came home from the hospital at four and a half pounds. He has little hamchop legs and is way chunkier than James ever was. In the last couple of weeks he has really just blossomed. Last Thursday he had his first real giggle (not just his regular happy sounds). It was so cute! He is super smiley and loves to just look at you and smile. He smiles all the time! We never saw that coming! He was so serious for the first couple of months. He is also just starting to reach for things and bat at toys hanging in front of him. He loves to look at Wimmer-Ferguson toys and is totally mesmerized by the shapes and colors. He is also super close to rolling over but really loves to sit up. We have just started using the Bumbo seat and he really likes it. He will now let us put him down for periods of time and is so much more content. He loves to suck on his fist and is drooling everywhere.
He also has some serious regularity. I think you can tell time with Arlo's movements. He also...sleeps through the night. Usually. One day last week he slept until 6:15 without waking up all night. I was terrified and in quite a bit of pain myself waiting for him to stir! He's a great nurser and is overall such a sweet little baby. He kicks his little legs like he's riding a bike when he gets excited. He also loves to have his little friends (little blankie with a stuffed animal head) smashed up against his face when he sleeps. I think he may be a good sleeper because we break the rules and let him sleep on his belly. His gassy barfyness has really been better since we have started tummy sleeping with him. Could be a coincidence, but either way we will take it. He is still barfy, but nothing like it was.

James is still totally in love with "his baby". He always says 'Arlo is so cute" and can I have my baby. He loves to kiss him and make silly faces at him. It is great. I am so impressed with how James does with him. He hasn't really yet gotten jealous, but has been irritated a few times when Arlo goes on a crying binge. Love these boys...