Thursday, April 30, 2009


Big day...BIG DAY!!!  I came home late from work tonight, opened the front door, and Sean let James go and he walked all the way across the living room, into the entryway, and into my arms! According to Sarah, James' daycare teacher, he didn't need any toys this afternoon, as he was to busy walking.  Sean said when he picked him up from school, he was playing in front of the mirror, very busy staring at himself, and when he noticed that Dad was there, he got up and walked over.  It's like he just got up this morning and decided, I think I'll walk and stand today!  I had a huge feeling that the second that he figured out that he could stand on his own, he would just start walking confidently, and that is exactly what happened.  Yesterday, he wouldn't even stand in the middle of the room.  Heck, this morning he wouldn't!  Now, he is all over the place.  No hesitation, no thought, no just a few steps.  We are talking all the way across the house!  

I am so glad that Sean kept him up so I was able to see it.  What a proud day for us.  We are so pleased and excited.  Let the chaos truly begin...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Birthday!!!

Wow, I can't believe the day is already over.  James' first birthday came and went, just like the last year.  We had such a wonderful day. He slept reasonably well last night and woke up ready to party!  What a day.  The three of us snuggled together and enjoyed the morning.  We enjoyed breakfast with Oma and Papa.  James dined on a buckwheat and blueberry waffle, sliced mango and blackberries, and Nancy's honey yogurt.  He is enjoying being 1 just for the honey!  When Oma and Papa went off to Easter services at the local church, we played and enjoyed watching him go about his day.  He took some good naps, and went for a walk with Judy and Pat.  We had a great party at 1, and all his buddies made it.  Mom made a birthday cake for the party, and dad made a special carrot cake with applesauce and no sugar.  It was teriffic!  James had a great time.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ammendment:  James cut his top left tooth in March.  He cut the top right on Monday.  Important details...

New Tooth!

James finally broke his sixth tooth on Monday.  Yeah!  He now has six pearly whites.  It was a rough go this time around, and there are several more on number six's heels.  There is a whole lot of drooling going on.  Teething is rough.  He had a bit of a bout with a fever the other night upon he arrival of number six.  We thought he had another ear infection.  But, thankfully, it was just the tooth.  He slept VERY poorly on Monday night when the tooth was breaking through, but last night, he made up for it by sleeping from 7PM until 6AM.  Amazing.  We just may be getting back on track sleeping.  He had great nights on Saturday and Sunday as well.  Let's see how he does tonight....

I can not believe that James is going to turn one on Sunday.  This past year has gone by so fast.  When I look at James, I can hardly believe that a whole year ago, he was just a tiny little thing.  In a way, it makes me so sad, to know that his first year is already over.  It is truly amazing how much babies change in one year.  What a year it has been.  

He is learning to shake his head when he doesn't want something.  I know that no is just around the corner.  Tonight we had a meltdown over dinner, and an early bedtime.  He just wasn't into eating tonight.  Naps at school today didn't go well, and I think he was tired and ready for bed.  

James really loves to go to school.  He has such fun playing with all of the toys, and interacting with the other kids.  His teachers report that he is the most independent baby they have.  He is always happy when he is there and enjoys having free reign of a whole area.  Not like at home where there are off limits spaces and stuff not for little babies to touch.  Good stuff.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful place for him to go during the day.

Last week, James had his sixth plane trip.  We had such a nice visit with everyone in Orange County.  He is getting harder, though, to keep occupied on the plane.  I think that when he starts walking, it could be trouble keeping him under control.  So great to see family though.  Totally worth it.