Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arlo is Five Months Old

Yeah! Arlo is five months old! I think that if I could freeze time at this age I would. It really is such a wonderful age for babies. Arlo is so fun right now. He is such a happy, smiley, laughing baby boy (except when he isn't). Man does he love his brother. James seems to be his hero. It is beyond words. James feels the same way too still. We took these pictures before bed tonight.
Today Arlo has his first real runny nose - so sad! He had a little bit of a rough day, but was still very pleasant but wanted extra snuggles (as if you could give extra - he always wants to be held and snuggled). He also is drooling up a storm! He had his first week at Little Tree this week going now on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Hopefully it isn't a cold that he picked up there. But he is typically a little bit more ok with being put down in his swing or in his new (to him) jumper activity center thingie. His sleep patterns are not good right now since our big trip, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that this week will go better.

James is doing great as well. He is so happy-go-lucky. We had a dinner with two other families including his best buddy Oscar's family this evening and while there was some chaos with other kids, James just hung and stayed mellow (strange!). We were very proud of him. We had a nice weekend hanging out with friends. We had quite the social calendar this weekend. Dinner Friday with Bill and Maggie and their grandkids who James LOVES and of course their parents, then James had a birthday party yesterday (where he didn't get crazy from the cupcake until we left the door to come home - bonus), and then playing with friends tonight. Wow, quite the social calender for our little man this weekend!

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