Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rough week

This week was a rough one.  We found out that James has allergies, and has to get tubes in his ears.  Additionally, he is teething with a vengeance, and was sent home from school on Thursday for biting.  He is having ear tube surgery on Wednesday.  So, since they are going to have to put him under anyway, we decided to go ahead and have his tongue-tie and lip attachment fixed as well at the same time.  So he is also having a double frenectomy.  Poor little guy! He has been on he pretty crabby and whiny side this week.

On the up-side though, he is such a ham.  He is communicating pretty well these days.  Even if that just means pointing at stuff and whining that he wants something.  He is really into graham crackers and watermelon.  I think he likes the watermelon because he can gnaw on the rind, and it feels good on his teeth.  The other night, he took over Maggie's slice of WM and had a death-grip on her hand so she couldn't take the piece away.  Super funny.  He is also way into frozen blueberries.  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Stuff

James is a whirlwind of new stuff these days.  He has all sorts of new words, and movements.  This week he figured out how to bend down and pick things up from standing, and can really stand up on his own now.  He loves to walk around swinging his arms.  It is so cute.  He also loves to "dance".  To him, this means, when he hears music, he swings his arms from side to side with limp wrists and bobs his head.  It is a total riot.  He just yesterday did this while standing.  So cute!

Friday, May 8, 2009

James learned how to say no today.  I think that is all I need to say...