Friday, February 27, 2009


We are very sad this morning.  James and I are currently supposed to be on a plane to Orange County see everyone, and help Papa celebrate his birthday, but the little man is still pretty sick.  I am glad we made the decision to cancel the trip yesterday because he woke up every half an hour last night, and is very clingy today.  I guess clingy would have been ok for travel.  He won't let me put him down, and only wants me to hold him.  He wants Sean nearby, but has to be in my arms. So sad.  The dr. told us yesterday that his ear still wasn't good enough to go on a plane, and also now his other ear is infected as well.  Such a sad little boy.  We had our first run with a high fever on Wednesday night, with his temperature spiking up to 105.  It was awful.  We felt like real parents. 
We are sad not to be with everyone.  It broke my heart a little when I cancelled the flight, but we will be coming down at the end of March instead.  
Time to hold James again...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Two new words!  Yesterday he said bananna (nanaa) and doggie.
 Love it!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Big Couple of Days!

We have had a big couple of days in the O'Callaghan household!  James has just exploded with new "skills".  I'll start with yesterday.  When I went to pick up James from school, I walked through the door, James looked up, pointed at me and said "Mama!".  It was two firsts in one!  The first time he pointed, and the first time he said Mama and knew what he was really saying!  He has been saying mama and dada for months, but until yesterday we weren't sure if he knew what he was saying.  Now we know!  So cool.  Then tonight he did the same thing when Sean was feeding him dinner.  He pointed and said "Dada".  Totally awesome.  We are real parents now!  

Backing up to this weekend, James learned that when he drops something, it's really cute to say "uh-oh!"  He now just drops things so he can say "uh-oh".  It is great.

Ok, so tonight, I took over feeding James the last part of his dinner, and he got really excited and started clapping his hands...on his own!  He has been totally obsessed with watching us clap for several months, but hasn't been able to put his own together.  After figuring it out tonight, he wouldn't stop.  He was so pleased with himself.  I was totally freaking out at this point with all of the new stuff.

Other new things are the addition of fish lips, tongue clicking, kissing (just not when you try to give him one- then you still get the open mouth slobber), and trying to say his name.  He is really close to that one.  He clearly knows what his name is and is also responsive when you say "no, thank you".  I swear, ever hour it is something new.  I also noticed that two more top teeth are showing and will cut through sometime in the near future.  This could explain a bit of his crabbiness last night.  His kisses are really cute air kisses.  Maybe I can get him to start blowing kisses soon!  Oh, and he also is moving around like lightening!

I can't believe what a great couple of days we have had with all these new things.  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Day

We have been having a great few days.  James woke up in a fantastic mood this morning, and we all had a great morning cuddling in bed together.  He kept saying mama.  I love it.  Later in the morning, I taught him how to say 'uh-oh"!  So cute.  He is really really chatty lately.  He never seems to stop talking.  

He really has been cracking us up.  This photo was today.  All day, he kept scrunching up his face and blowing out his nose.  Hilarious.  Yesterday he was totally obsessed with blowing raspberries.  When he gets really excited, he lets out these little shrieks, with this surprised look on his face.  We are endlessly entertained.

He is really getting around quickly now, and is close to being able to stand up on his own.  As it is now, he really doesn't need to have support, but probably just doesn't know any better.  We are pretty happy that he isn't in full walk yet.  It's hard keeping up with him when he crawls!  His favorite thing is to crawl out of the loving room and into our bedroom and bang on the dog crate in our room.  He looks back at you when he is leaving the room, lets out a huge giggle and then streaks away at baby warp speed.  

Along with all of these great things this week, we also encountered a rough patch with nursing.  I think he was going through a growth spurt, and wasn't latching very well.  Very painful for me.  But I think we are through it now, and we are back to full steam ahead. Thank goodness.

James has several favorite things.  His favorite toys are the soft, plastic Winnie the Pooh bath time book that Grammy got him, and the little barking Christmas dog, also from Grammy.  I'm not sure what it is about those two things that just completely overwhelm him with happiness. I guess grammys know!  He also really loves his little push wagon.  He could walk around all day just pushing the thing around the house.  

He is also getting really good at feeding himself.  He is great now at using his pointer and thumb to pick stuff up.  Tonight he had his first beef.  Mmmm, it's what's for dinner!  He continues to eat almost all homemade food, and loves it.  He loves plain yogurt, cheese, avocado, yams, frozen peas, frozen blueberries and blackberries, beans (we give him pinto, black, kidney, and cannnelli), and dad's homemade applesauce.  He has been having a bit of juice in the past few days.  It's the first time that he has been even remotely interested in drinking anything but milk.  He does like to drink water from time to time directly from a regular cup.  It is a pretty funny sight.  

All is well with us, not much to report.  We are just very busy with everything these days.  Tioga has been pretty sick, with the vertebrae in his upper spine having bulging disks, which are pressing into his spinal cord.  He has slowly been going paralyzed, and has been in quite a bit of pain.  We decided that enough was enough this week, and sent him to the vet for the final last-ditch effort to save him.  He had a three day treatment of steroids, which reduced the inflammation.  It didn't cure him, but he is much better.  Hopefully we will get to keep the old boy around for a while longer.  It sure wasn't the same around here for three days without him.  It really made us realize that he isn't always going to be around, which made us very sad.  He is widely regarded as the best dog ever.  Even now, he is laying down at my feet.  Good boy.

The weather here has been really warm (40's)  and sunny this week.  Not sure what happened to winter, but hopefully it will come back soon.  We are not ready for ski season to be over.  That and no snow, leads to bad fires in the summer, so I would rather be cold than live in smoke! 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two Front Teeth...

Finally!  James now has his two fron teeth.  Well, kind of.  His top left tooth broke through today. Sure will be cute when they both finally make their way down and all the way in.  
We spent the day in Billings yesterday visiting Wyn and new baby Alex.  He sure is a cute and quiet little guy.  They are such a nice little family now.  
Not much to report these days.  James sure gets around quickly.  I swear, as soon as he figures out that he can stand on his own, we are toast.  He will be off and running.
He is really into sticking out his tounge this week.  He can't seem to get enough of it.  He also really loves it when you stick out your tounge, and he can feel it.  He also loves to stick his fingers in your mouth.  He loves to "explore" our faces with his hands.  Really cute.