Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catching Up

Ok, so I know it has been awhile. Sorry.
James is a whole new kid, so I'm not really sure where to start. His latest new trick this week, is that he is now combining two words together. Such as "hi daddy/mommy", and "thank you" and "please water (or whatever it is that he wants)". Love it!!! He totally says please and thank you all the time. I knew it would pay off saying it to him all the time. Such a polite little boy. He also says help when he needs it about half the time. We went out to dinner last night for our anniversary (eight years!) and he was completely cracking us and everyone else in the place up. He had the entire waitstaff in stitches, and had us totally rolling. Love him!
He has well over 75 words these days, and is a little chatterbox. He can name most body parts, various foods, clothes, household items, animals, toys, furniture. The trouble sometimes though is understanding him. Since he can't say r's or s's it makes certain words sound very strange.
Up until the weather went south this week, we had been getting him outside quite a bit, and he really love hiking with us in the little backpack. He is a regular nature lover and loves to point out to trees and flowers. He also is completely into animals. Especially cows, horses, and chickens. Particularly the chickens at dad's house. He was way into chasing he chickens around at dad's saying chick-en, chick-en and trying to cockle-doodle-doo! He is super cute. Also, for horses, he clicks his tounge and makes like he is riding a horse with his arm. Really funny.
Overall, we have been having fun lately, but have been super busy. The roughest thing happening, is that Tioga is really going downhill rapidly these days. We are trying to enjoy as much time with him as we can.
Sean is out with Bodie right now for the first pheasant hunt of the year. He has really been looking forward to it, and I have been ready to get Bodie out of the house! Hopefully they are successful. Sean was invited by one of his bosses, who is a huge landowner, to go hunt with him on his property, which has several miles of gallatin river frontage- great pheasant territory. He has really been excited about it this week. Not only that, but his boss is a really nice guy, so it was very nice for him to invite Sean and Bodie.
Here are a few pics of us last weekend hiking down in Big Sky. We had a really nice little Saturday enjoying the scenery, before the fridgid cold hit.