Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29
Today we began a new chapter of eating...real food... We began the investigation of fruits and vegetabels this evening with the introduction of, of course, yams!  I could not shovel them into his little mouth fast enough!  I think this could go well...

On another note, teething is going, well...going.  James has four teeth coming in.  His bottom left tooth is already popped through and coming up more every day.  The tooth next to it to the left is also about to break the surface, probably next.  There are large bumps under the bottom right and it's next door neighbor as well.  So basically, we have four teeth coming in at once.  He is handling it like a trooper, but his patience is pretty tested lately, and his fuse is noteably shorter. 

The nursing strike continues to an extent, but it also extends to the bottle, so I am reassured that it isn't the end of breastfeeding (phew!).  He seems to be ok with a sippy attachment to his baba that is made of soft rubber that he can chew on.  Although, he hasn't quite figured out how to swallow all of the milk that comes out when he sucks on it.  Pretty funny to see actually. This could explain the shoveling in of rice cereal and yams this evening.  

Sean is home from his Elk hunting adventure with Kelsey, which actually ended up being a deer hunting adventure, but I will let him share his thoughts on this on his own.  It is nice to all be together again...

Monday, October 27, 2008

October 27

Teething has taken over our little guy's life again.  Today was a little rough on James.  He is back to drooling, and is chewing on everything in sight.  But in typical James fashion, he was trying to be his usual happy self.  One second he would be giggling, and the next crying.  We went back and forth like this all day.  He had several huge meltdowns, and several long naps, and finally went bed after a quiet bath and a nursing strike.  Both very unusual for James. He is just uncomfortable.  He keeps looking up at me with this sad face that I find totally irresistible.  I just want to hold him close and squeeze him tight and make it all better!  Especially when he has one of his little crocodile tears rolling down his sweet little cheek.
Teething is hard on me in several ways.  Firstly, my heart goes out for him; I just hate to see him going through this, and I want to make him all better.  Secondly, this whole nursing thing is getting to me on a physical level.  I really worry when he pushes me away, screaming, that he is done with me and nursing!  Needless to say, I really dislike the prospect that my "master plan" of nursing for a year or more will be foiled by teething, or worse yet, that he doesn't need me anymore! Boo!  This must be one of the great dilemas of parenting.  Bummer.
Hopefully, tommorow will be a better day.  Tuesday is a "school" day, so hopefully he will be in a better place.
On a more positive note, crawling is just seconds away...stay tuned..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, October 25

Today Sean left for a four-day elk hunting trip to the Little Belt Mountains with Kelsey.  They shoud have a great time in the woods.  
Before he left, James had his first brush with Bodie's paw to the face.  Poor little guy, his first real owie!  He didn't like it.  
He is doing great otherwise!  Yesterday he was in great form (as usual) and was cracking me up!  I took a video of him trying to crawl.  His first tooth (bottom left) came through on Tuesday, and is causing him a bit of grief.  We have been giving him lot's of extra snuggle time.   Sleeping has been going great!  He sleeps from about 6:45 to 7:15 until between 4 and 6.  Great little sleeper! We are so lucky!  
It is completely amazing what a distinct personality he has.  I am in awe daily.  James is a very busly little boy; always moving around, grabbing at anything in sight, kicking his legs, trying to crawl, rolling around, flirting with every woman in sight, smiling up a storm, giggling, and sitting up and playing with his toys.  But then, there are moments when he is completely calm and observant, content to just hang out.  Usually it depends on the time of day.  I think that we are starting to really figure him out.  Of course, that will change tomorrow... All I know, is that we are SO lucky that he is such an easygoing little guy.
We are in week two of, what I like to call, the "great rice cereal experiment".  We have been giving him his "dinner" in the eveing when we get home from work.  It is going pretty well, I must say.  Most nights, he gobbles it up and looks at me for more!  But then, there are other nights, when he just could care less, which would be tonight.  Not a big eater today.  He really varies from day to day, which is not really great for the old breastmilk supply.   He continues to be a "snacker".  Which is translating to "back to the herbs" for mommy!  
I thought this could be a neat way for us to share the haps with us and Baby James Cooper!  We have so many great videos, and photos, it is hard to keep up.  Everyday is something new.  I hope you enjoy!