Monday, October 15, 2012


We have been having fun this fall and have lots to report. Arlo added quite a few new tricks in the last two days. Today he started clapping! Yesterday he went downstairs on his little belly for the first time, and gave me an actual kiss! So cute! He is quite a funny little nugget and has a rather strong personality. He Sure does know what he likes and dislikes and is certain to let us know what those things are. He had a cold with a little croup last week. For the past, oh nearly two months now, he has slept (or not slept) poorly. He is not great at disconnecting from me in during the day, and even worse at night. He is getting a little bit better, but Sean and I are pretty tired. His saving grace is that he is just so cute, sweet, and utterly hilarious. He is getting to be more independent as he experiences more and has more curiosity. He loves to play with James' toys, particularly his cars, and even knows what to do with them. He is experimenting with standing, and is just starting to walk behind a little walking toy. He eats everything for the most part that we eat off the table, but we still note that he has some issues with wheat. Speaking of eating, he is a little eater. He sure can put it away. And loves strong flavor. He is much like James in this way. Perhaps it is one of the few things that they have in common! 

James remains a great eater with few things that he won't touch. The two things he dislikes are string cheese and mac n cheese. Go figure. He would rather eat clams. 
James is hilarious, loving, caring and FULL of energy. Quite the goofball. He talks nonstop and is very funny. I was thinking about it recently and he sure does have a whole lot of friends. Since he has gone to so many different schools, he has made friends all over town. He has a more active social life when we are out and about than Sean and I these days! It is really cute. Today he came home from school very excited that he is making doing a big lesson on the North American continent when he draws via tracing the continent, then will fill it in with the countries and states and then label them. Sounds neat! It is large, so he will get to put it on his wall when he is done. He is really, really into it. This morning he told me he wants to go to every country in the world before he dies and that he also wants to go to every state. He must be my kid.