Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Good Time

These kids of ours are super happy little buggers! Arlo is a little bothered today since he is cutting his third and fourth teeth! His two tops have finally emerged after playing hide and go seek for the past few months. He got the first teeth right around James birthday. Today number three cut through and number four is probably cutting now. He actually had a really tough time going down tonight. This is really unusual for him. He is a good little sleeper and has been sleeping through the night (at least until between four and six AM) since June 25th. He is a great little guy that James now calls his little pumpkin! I have no idea where James came up with that but is is SO adorable. Arlo will smile at just about anything and is quite the little charmer. He certainly can light up a room. He is also just in the beginning stages of crawling. Yesterday he took a couple of scoots (3) a few times. It was great! Then he got so excited that he would fall back to his belly shrieking in excitement.

Today James took a field trip to what he called the "Nursery School" then he revised that to the "Nursery Home". They took the kids to a local assisted living home. He said "Mom, today I played with old people". They played Go Fish and he was also really excited that they rode the "city" bus to the home. He said "Mom, it was my first time on the bus! It was so fun". One of the teachers at his summer school came to me when I picked James up this afternoon and told me about the little trip today and said that it was wonderful seeing him in that environment and that he did really great. I could tell that she was really proud of him. He is typically the kid there with all the energy that hits the playground hard every day. He certainly is energetic and has the running around playing thing down. He comes home tired and dirty daily - a good thing. He falls asleep really well and has a really sunny disposition. Of course, he is four and certainly has his own opinion about things. He also has a way that he likes things and is SUPER particular about a few things. Other times he just goes with the flow. But there really are certain things that just really get him. And he typically hates cheese. I think he may be the only kid that won't eat string cheese.

Love them!

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